At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Jodi Rell

Homeland security

Toranaga Homeland security team is a professional group that provides Strategic security solutions and services to cooperate and business private sector. Composed of former officers of the Israeli intelligence and security services Toranga offers expertise in homeland security solutions especially in physical security, Emergency Preparedness, technical surveillance and intelligence tactics. Our guidance and support enable our clients to develop a clear security plan and to select the right mix of cutting-edge, human-based and technology-based security solutions

Anti - Terror & Combat Training

The human factor is a major part of every security solution. Toranaga Training Team focuses on providing the best professional training for every job performed by security personnel (technical or physical) in order to upgrade and complete the security solution.

our training services are suited to both government and private sectors and are based on the extensive knowledge and experience of official Israeli security agencies such as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Israel Security Agency (ISA), the Israel Police, etc.

  • VIP & Executive Protection
  • Public Transportation Security
  • Facility security guards
  • airport security
  • High risk environment security
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (KRAV MAGA)
  • Training of SWAT Teams and Assault Units
  • Tactical shooting
  • Tactical combat simulator
  • Urban warfare
  • Counter-crime training and investigating tactics
  • Human assets intelligence recruitment and operate.
  • operational Surveillance and tracking (on-foot and vehicle-based)
  • Technological surveillance and tracking (hacking, undercover manipulation and penetration)
  • Emergency medical and CSAR search & rescue response
  • Snipers/sharp shooters

technological security systems

The world of operational security technology is a complex world saturated with manufacturers, technologies and advanced methods adapted to different and varied needs. Our Technology Team works as an integrator for a wide variety of technological resources and security systems in the various security fields.

Our role as experts is first and foremost to tailor the customer to the most operationally and budgetically appropriate product for his unique needs, We offer a one-stop-shop technological solution up to the stage of building and implementing the tools

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Digital recording systems
  • Detection and alert systems (smart fence, detectors)
  • Command & Control rooms
  • Defense systems (fences, locks, bollards, barriers and gates, safes, secure doors)
  • Surveillance vehicle
  • Command post vehicle
  • Blockade vehicle
  • Armored vehicles
  • Tracking vehicle
  • Personal protection (bullet-proof vest)
  • Communication devices
  • Weapon accessories
  • Terror identification devices
  • Jammer devices (interferes with wireless activation of bombs)
  • Accessories
  • Mobile security systems – emergency, CCTV, detectors
  • Rescue equipment kits (from buildings and vehicles)
  • Day and night surveillance devices (for individuals and vehicles)
  • Monitoring devices (for individuals and vehicles)
  • Detection and listening devices
  • Encrypted telephones
  • Emergency medical equipment
  • Tactical devices (land, marine and aerial)

Security Operations solutions

Security Operations Team specializes in providing special security services in Israel and abroad. The company’s concept is to provide a full cover solution to the client that not only includes security issues, but also logistics, coordination and technical support that will guarantee a successful operation under one management and responsibility. We will take care of all aspects of the operation as defined by the client, whether it is a complete Toranaga solution or an integrated solution managed by Taranga’s project manager.


A full cover operation by retired ISA agents with vast experience in the private sector can be run as a high or low profile operation. The team will include an R&M (Rescue & Medical care) agent (a qualified paramedic and rescue specialist that is an integral part of the security team and trains with them on a daily basis).

A security team that includes a security officer and an R&M agent to ensure full security cover during a visit in Israel or abroad.

In many cases, a security operation will require complete or partial Covert Security. Toranaga’s Security Department has a special covert security team that specializes in covert operations, equipped with state of the art covert technology, and vast operational experience in both governmental and private sectors.

A special team of experts in combat, security, rescue and medical care that will conduct rescue operations around the globe.

Aviation security

The aviation sector is a major and significant part of the global business world and as such is an attractive destination for terrorists around the globe. Our team of experts, consisting of Israeli security managers at international airports around the world with many years of experience, know how to stabilize and how to optimally secure both the most human and technological level in the field of civil aviation.

We provide all the knowledge and method needed to understand how to secure flights by expert and skilled crew members undergoing unique operational training

inside aircraft security – Security crew inside the plane

We know how to train and guide security personnel who can securely secure inside the aircraft during the flights
On-ground aircraft security – We have the knowledge of how to properly secure aircraft on the ground and supervise technical teams

We offer our customers our knowledge and expertise in the field of aviation security with an emphasis on how to plan and build an integrated security system, both at the human security level and at the technological level.

Perimeter security – full perimeter security solutions for all layers of security, including:

Outer-perimeter defense – including anti-missile systems

Physical perimeter – including fences, security cameras, security-guard training and methods of operation

Inner-perimeter defense – protecting the airport facilities and air space

Entrance / exit corridors – including gates, access roads, and parking lots / garages

Screening – we provide the knowledge, equipment and operational methods for passenger and baggage / cargo screening

Boundaries between countries have always been a critical and sensitive point from a security and strategic point of view

Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide our customers with an integrative security plan that combines human capital and the most advanced technological capabilities available in the market, including personnel-training, and supplying the required screening equipment.

technology – we deliver all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment needed to smoothly run and manage a technologically advanced  borders control operation.

Holistic security method – security plan that contains all the required security layouts, from preliminary intelligence, technological surveillance, training and education of security personnel and units to baggage reflection and freight

HLS of Critical facilities and infrastructure

Critical facilities and infrastructure are essential for the country’s economy and safety Our Physical Security Team plans and manages the protection of sensitive facilities and events all over the world from airports to energy plants and from educational campuses to single office buildings.

We provide comprehensive security and emergency solutions for all types of strategic facilities

  • Security surveys that include risk assessments and an examination of the current status of the security layout.
  • Planning and setting up security layouts / units – assisting the process from the consultation stage and throughout the entire set up process.
  • Managing security risks – assessing the situation, consultation from the aspect of minimizing the main risks.
  • Consultation and integration pertaining to physical security – security systems, defense systems, alert systems.

Red Team Operations

Toranaga Red Team are highly trained Israeli special ops veteran’s, experienced individuals who know how to infiltrate secure environments in real world, testing the effectiveness of your security controls, policy, technology and infrastructure.

We perform a “live fire” security drill to identify holes in your company security layouts before malicious actors exposes for you, giving your security team practical experience combatting real attacks.

To at the process the company define the attack objectives, usually worst-case business scenarios and our red team goes to work. We go through full attack lifecycle, from initial reconnaissance to mission completion.

Our Red Team Operations is ideal for organizations who want to test their ability to protect critical assets from targeted attack. And also to coach their security teams to improve detection and response capabilities.

What Are The Benefits?


Our Red team exercises rapidly banish any complacency in an organization, and focus attention on planning & investment priorities which will have a clear purpose.


A more defined perspective on current attack scenarios and potential business consequences. By creating a broad acceptance of vulnerabilities, such an exercise builds organization-wide consensus & awareness without having to learn from ‘painful experience’.


Toranaga Red team exercises build confidence within an organization, from shareholders down to the security & business continuity teams, that preparation, planning and investment are appropriate to task.


Better risk understanding and management from board level where greater involvement will create better prioritization and use of budgets & resources.

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