There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be

FBI Director Robert Mueller

Cyber Security

The development of the modern and global world alongside the dramatic development in the field of technology and information have led to a new threat and dimension of intelligence warfare and that is the cyber world The cyber world requires creativity and innovation alongside security awareness and constant guidance. Our team of experts who have accumulated their experience in the Israeli elite cyber units will provide our clients with the knowledge and protection required to meet their strategic goals.

Cutting-Edge Analytical Cyber Skills and Tools

Our highly experienced team has been trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units. This means we have the cutting-edge analytical and research skills and know-how and the intimate familiarity with the most advanced cyber technologies that are at the heart of every solid intelligence project


Our services starts with an in-depth Vulnerability Risk Assessment, followed by a full implementation of the proposed solution; setting procedures & protocols, training / educating employees and SOC teams, customizing products, creating an alerting & monitoring systems and aiding with crisis management.

Mapping the organization’s assets and the relevant cyber threat (physical and digital threats to information) and vulnerability assessments and Gap Analyses that can damage business operations followed by a full implementation of the proposed solution

In the business world today, every organization has rules for regulation and compliance that it is committed to.

Our team of experts will work to diagnose all the existing gaps and adapt the organization to what is required of it by the regulator.

providing investigations, inquiries and testimonies, setting up honeypot operations, covert computer monitoring, and identity theft prevention

providing tracking, target acquisition, manipulation and deception prevention operations

performing strategic studies, competitive and comparative analysis and Darknet tracking for all assets required.

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