Whoever controls the information
will rule the world.

prof. Yuval Noah Harari

About Us

Toranaga is a professional group that provides tailored strategic intelligence solutions and security services to national governments and the private sector. Our team consists of experts with decades of experience in counter-terrorism, intelligence, and complex investigations throughout the world.

Our Main Services

By incorporating planning and design into physical security layouts
and procedures, we create improved, user-friendly security that
maximizes effectiveness and upgrades standards.

The Sectors We Serve

Public Sector

Public sector bodies around the world have a constant need for intelligence in order to operate their financial, homeland security, and political functions. We offer a variety of intelligence services and operate as an elite team to tackle complex situations and supply relevant, mission-critical intelligence in a timely manner.

Financial Institutions and Business Corporations

We provide accurate risk assessment and a full range of the intelligence services that a corporation requires. We address the unique challenges of financial information security with an innovative and flexible approach to compliance, identity theft, third party risk, and online/mobile banking. With a combination of information security, compliance expertise, and industry knowledge we ensure that you are secure and compliant in order to assess and mitigate risks.

Law Firms

Law firms increasingly rely on investigative intelligence and forensic expertise to assist in complex multi-jurisdictional litigations.

High-net-worth Individuals

High-net-worth individuals face myriad personal and professional challenges. In addressing these challenges, intelligence and preemptive security—from due diligence prior to investments, personal litigation, image management, and personal protection—are of paramount importance.

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